Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2015 starts a different journey.


Last weekend was awesome. The 'Fearless Fundo' was a great time. A lot of money was raised for Amy's treatment, and our stay in Houston. Again, it's difficult to express the thanks other than simply writing 'Thank You' at this time....


A couple of quick items, and that will be the update for this week. This week was one that suddenly passed me by. Monday I wove my way back to Austin from my parent's place. I swung through small town Texas to pick up some deer meat and see one of my good friends. That's always good.



I could have had soooo much fun with selecting a picture for this one! There is just too much crazy going on in our World right now. By 'our' I mean mine and the world around all of us.

This weekend in Boulder....


This article came across my twitter feed this morning. It was a good segue.

I had a long blog drafted up about the insurance question. It's because "Do you have insurance?" was...


The cancer journey can be overwhelming. The day to day. The hospital stays. Answering emails, calls, texts. It has the potential to be more-so in the day and age of connectivity. Early on, I realized that the digital overload could be overwhelming. It's true.

Honestly, the outpouring of...


I have procrastinated writing this blog or update. And, I've procrastinated because many of you who are following along are here because of sport. In particular, triathlon. And maybe more in particular elite triathlon. This blog is about...


It's a bit fitting that it's Friday 13th, though if there was another bad luck day it was the 12th. Good news on Friday 13th is that Amy is 'dentally cleared' for her stem cell transplant.

Amy had her follow-up at MD Anderson with the...


"There's no modesty around here" is how one of the Drs put it before we left the hospital the 2nd time. That was over 2 weeks ago. Last Sunday we ended up back at Seton. After the 1st consolidation round of chemo, Amy had some fevers on Sunday. When you are neutropenic and you have a fever, bad...


Overwhelmingly, the question has been "What can I (we) do to help?" We don't know for sure. What we do know is that this is a long journey that we are just starting. Long hospital stays, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantion are all part of it. And, there will be many other things come up...