Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2015 starts a different journey.


With my helium post from Friday, I figured I'd post some lighter reading. That ties the two posts together, but it might go over some of your heads.

A quick update for starters. Amy's counts are slowly climbing. "Hurry slowly" to quote one of our previous coaches. So far so good. We're...


Apologies for the video formatting as we didn't plan on using it. It 'should' be landscape formatting instead of portrait.

But, a quick Thank You.


It seems like common sense, but somewhere it also seems to get lost. When you take speech class they tell you to "tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them." I had drafted up a post, but with today's news it changed course.

The good is that...


I had a #GrumpyMarsh blog started for this week about things that I think really matter, but don't seem to really matter if that makes sense. I thought better to change it up a bit since there's enough grumpiness in the world already, Adding to it would do little to help things. At times it's...


First the picture. Last week "national running day" was June 3. "National Donut Day" was June 4 or 5. Fitting. Oh and the picture...the human body is essentially a donut. Skin, muscle, organs, and bones with a hole through the middle. Yep, your mouth all the way to the other actual hole...


Today is what the Stem Cell Transplant team calls Amy's "Birthday".

Transplants conjure up images of big cuts in someone's body, and a set of organs being placed into the hosts body to replace their non-functioning organs. In organ transplants, that is the case.

With a stem cell...


Overwhelmingly, the question has been "What can I (we) do to help?" We don't know for sure. What we do know is that this is a long journey that we are just starting. Long hospital stays, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantion are all part of it. And, there will be many other things come up...


Yesterday Amy hit a milestone of sorts. She finished her 4th day of chemotherapy as part of the 'conditioning' for her SCT. Interesting term 'conditioning'. Today she had a dose of full body irradiation.



In case you were wondering, no Amy will not be defending her 70.3 Raleigh title this weekend. Last year, she won the race then headed to Flagstaff for training and later Germany where she would finish 5th at Ironman Frankfurt. When she returned, and had raced with a case of the shingles, that...


"I don't know what any of that means. But, GO AMY!!" was the reply to an email update I sent.

I'm writing again this week. Mostly because there are a lot of people who have no idea what this all means. A 'Stem Cell Transplant'. Stem cells are kind of in the news again. They were also in...