Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2015 starts a different journey.


I feel like this update would be better served coming from Amy. We went to a "...


It's really more than a 'little' milestone. Today Amy's CVC was removed.

I also submitted my first non-triathlon and non-team-marsh blog article today for 'publication'. It was for a 2015 hunting preview. I had an inside track in that I know the editor. But I'll take it.

We've gone...


Thursday is likely not a hot day for web traffic, but it is better than Friday and certainly not as good as Monday. We're part way through another week. Last week I didn't blog about anything really. I sneaked in a post on...


I went all week without writing. I wanted to write earlier in the week because it gets more views. Then, I though I'd write Friday, and I didn't. Things continue to go on the upswing for Amy. We are still avoiding people and crowds. The reality is, that isn't too much different than our lives...


Another week passes, and we get a week closer to going back to Austin. Amy has passed the 1/2 way point in the post-SCT first 100 days. Day #57 to be exact. If we are able to pass the remaining days as we have these last several, we'll both be pretty happy. The days, for us have been kind of...


A 2nd post for the week. "Doctor's Orders". The tweet below the text says it all...

For awhile now, Amy has had a rash develop that isn't uncommon in stem-cell transplant (SCT) patients. It's from "graft vs. host disease". I'll elaborate more next week.

Amy was told to make sure she...


"We can handle anything because we only have to handle it a moment at a time."

Amy is coming up on being ½ way to the first milestone after her stem cell transplant. Closing in on day #50 of the first 100 days post-transplant. Day #100 is seen as one of the...


59,000 or 59 depending on the reference was Amy's platelet count on Monday. A platelet count of 150 is needed to donate platelets. A platelet count north of 200 is considered normal. It was 31 last Thursday and 59 on Monday. When your Dr. seems happy about that, you become happy about...


It is kind of a weird feeling to 'want' to go to the hospital, but that is kind of how it was last Friday when the nurse and pharmacist at the ambulatory treatment clinic (ATC) at MD Anderson told us we had a couple of days off.

Our July 4 Independence Day celebration would be the first...


With my helium post from Friday, I figured I'd post some lighter reading. That ties the two posts together, but it might go over some of your heads.

A quick update for starters. Amy's counts are slowly climbing. "Hurry slowly" to quote one of our previous coaches. So far so good. We're...


Apologies for the video formatting as we didn't plan on using it. It 'should' be landscape formatting instead of portrait.

But, a quick Thank You.


Overwhelmingly, the question has been "What can I (we) do to help?" We don't know for sure. What we do know is that this is a long journey that we are just starting. Long hospital stays, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantion are all part of it. And, there will be many other things come up...


It seems like common sense, but somewhere it also seems to get lost. When you take speech class they tell you to "tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them." I had drafted up a post, but with today's news it changed course.

The good is that...


I had a #GrumpyMarsh blog started for this week about things that I think really matter, but don't seem to really matter if that makes sense. I thought better to change it up a bit since there's enough grumpiness in the world already, Adding to it would do little to help things. At times it's...


First the picture. Last week "national running day" was June 3. "National Donut Day" was June 4 or 5. Fitting. Oh and the picture...the human body is essentially a donut. Skin, muscle, organs, and bones with a hole through the middle. Yep, your mouth all the way to the other actual hole...


Today is what the Stem Cell Transplant team calls Amy's "Birthday".

Transplants conjure up images of big cuts in someone's body, and a set of organs being placed into the hosts body to replace their non-functioning organs. In organ transplants, that is the case.

With a stem cell...


Yesterday Amy hit a milestone of sorts. She finished her 4th day of chemotherapy as part of the 'conditioning' for her SCT. Interesting term 'conditioning'. Today she had a dose of full body irradiation.



In case you were wondering, no Amy will not be defending her 70.3 Raleigh title this weekend. Last year, she won the race then headed to Flagstaff for training and later Germany where she would finish 5th at Ironman Frankfurt. When she returned, and had raced with a case of the shingles, that...


"I don't know what any of that means. But, GO AMY!!" was the reply to an email update I sent.

I'm writing again this week. Mostly because there are a lot of people who have no idea what this all means. A 'Stem Cell Transplant'. Stem cells are kind of in the news again. They were also in...


I did not blog last week mostly for 1 reason.

In ironic fashion, Ironman Texas was last weekend. A race that Amy and I both raced in 2012. Amy raced it in 2013, and I raced it last year. It was on Amy's 2015 schedule. In fact, in November when we went back to AnyLabTestNow to get our...


A while back I wrote about the most common comment that I generally received: Take Care of Yourself. That post is still very relevant. I could do better with my staying active goals. Compared to the average American I do...