Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2015 starts a different journey.


In case you were wondering, no Amy will not be defending her 70.3 Raleigh title this weekend. Last year, she won the race then headed to Flagstaff for training and later Germany where she would finish 5th at Ironman Frankfurt. When she returned, and had raced with a case of the shingles, that...


"I don't know what any of that means. But, GO AMY!!" was the reply to an email update I sent.

I'm writing again this week. Mostly because there are a lot of people who have no idea what this all means. A 'Stem Cell Transplant'. Stem cells are kind of in the news again. They were also in...


I did not blog last week mostly for 1 reason.

In ironic fashion, Ironman Texas was last weekend. A race that Amy and I both raced in 2012. Amy raced it in 2013, and I raced it last year. It was on Amy's 2015 schedule. In fact, in November when we went back to AnyLabTestNow to get our...


A while back I wrote about the most common comment that I generally received: Take Care of Yourself. That post is still very relevant. I could do better with my staying active goals. Compared to the average American I do...


We talk, in the triathlon world, a lot about "The Process". The process of becoming the best professional triathlete we can be. Not everyone is going to be the best at their chosen sport, job, etc. Not everyone is going to qualify for the Olympics. Not everyone is going to qualify for Kona....


Last weekend was awesome. The 'Fearless Fundo' was a great time. A lot of money was raised for Amy's treatment, and our stay in Houston. Again, it's difficult to express the thanks other than simply writing 'Thank You' at this time....


A couple of quick items, and that will be the update for this week. This week was one that suddenly passed me by. Monday I wove my way back to Austin from my parent's place. I swung through small town Texas to pick up some deer meat and see one of my good friends. That's always good.



I could have had soooo much fun with selecting a picture for this one! There is just too much crazy going on in our World right now. By 'our' I mean mine and the world around all of us.

This weekend in Boulder....


This article came across my twitter feed this morning. It was a good segue.

I had a long blog drafted up about the insurance question. It's because "Do you have insurance?" was...