Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2016 is a New Year!


It's been awhile. Almost 2 years exactly, since Amy and I lined up at the same race. Or lined up for any race, besides life, for that matter. Calgary 70.3 2014 was the last time we raced the same race. I would finish 3rd with a kind of wonky calf that would feel like it was going to take me out of IM Wisconsin a couple of months later. It didn't, and I finished 2nd at IM Wisconsin. Amy would finish 5th at Calgary, not quite high enough to...


Already more than a month has passed since the last update here. This one is filed under "Life Gave Us a Lemon", but it could very well be a triathlon update. The days when I am able to focus more and be productive, I don't want to update as it pulls me away from what matters. The days that I'm relatively unproductive, well you know why there isn't an update.

Ironman Texas came and went. We had 5 athletes racing and honestly it was a...


I was reminded not long ago, seems someone commonly does, that there had not been an update to the website about Amy's progress. It is a welcomed reminder since it is an indication that people are still following.

She's progressing well. They said the first year after transplant is expected to be up and down. That typically the second year trends more upwards. Amy has been doing well. Again, I tend to try to slow her down at times....