Triathlon is the passion that brought us together. 2016 is a New Year!


I was reminded not long ago, seems someone commonly does, that there had not been an update to the website about Amy's progress. It is a welcomed reminder since it is an indication that people are still following.

She's progressing well. They said the first year after transplant is expected to be up and down. That typically the second year trends more upwards. Amy has been doing well. Again, I tend to try to slow her down at times....


70.3 Texas is this weekend. New Orelans 70.3 the next. And many local races to follow. Ironman Texas is in a bit over a month.

Here are a couple of general documents that might help you on race day. They aren't specific to any one race nor are they all encompassing, but you might find some value in them. We'll be posting this type of info along the way this season.

Good luck if you're racing this weekend!


I admit it. I am a troll. I troll, sometimes comment, on a couple of triathlon forums. Next to what tires should I get to race on, and what is the best multisport car, swimming is a favorite topic of discussion. It's seldom that I get drawn into the discussions. If I have something that I think might be of help, I'll post it.

One of the things that we talked about at our early season swim clinic and recent small-group IMTX camp was...