Triathlon is the passion that brought us together.

2015 starts a different journey.


We are not succeeding in posting "more" frequently. This will be a not quite year end update.

'Team-Marsh' had 2 athletes at Ironman Florida last weekend. Both had very good races given their respective seasons and lead ins. It was a very process vs. outcome type of day. Each of them had a...


September 16, 2015 was the last 'official' update here. I posted the link to a Slowtwitch interview that I did a couple of weeks ago. I'll elaborate on some of the questions and answers as we...


No, those are not middle fingers. We went to the Salt Lick with the Cervelo crew when they came to Austin for a super secret visit a year and a half or so ago. Amy and I went to a Round Rock Game a couple of weeks ago. The Salt Lick is right...


We are certainly overdue for an update to the Triathlon Page!! If you have been following the front page, you know what has transpired.

What might not surprise you is that our small group athletes continue to plug along. We wanted to...