A 'Little' Milestone

It's really more than a 'little' milestone. Today Amy's CVC was removed.

I also submitted my first non-triathlon and non-team-marsh blog article today for 'publication'. It was for a 2015 hunting preview. I had an inside track in that I know the editor. But I'll take it.

We've gone through several milestones since December 23. Mainly, waking up each day and getting on with whatever that day holds. Until recently, it has been going to the hospital for nearly daily treatments.

I talked with one of my good friends yesterday. He asked if 100 days was the next milestone, and what is the one after that?

100 days is the first 'real' milestone, and for every patient it is a little bit different after a stem cell transplant. Some seem to sail through with relative 'ease'. Others have more acute GVHD. Others get past the 100 days, and then have chronic GVHD show up.

After 100 days you generally get released to go home. I am sure there will be updates about the new 'new normal' once we get back to Austin.

After 100 days, we'll be making the trip back to Houston every couple of weeks for check ups. Labs. We will coordinate with our Dr at Texas Oncology back in Austin. Amy will have several bone marrow biopsies over the next year to also measure the progress.

So yes, 100 days is the next milestone. Then 6 months. Then 1 year? 3 years. 5 years.

Right now though, we are looking at tomorrow which is a 'day off'. Thursday, we are back to the hospital for some more tests and a class.

Back to today. Today is Day #75 post transplant.

After our visit to the hospital for labs, a CVC dressing change, and Drs visit...we were sent back to infusion therapy where they removed her CVS. Turns out that dressing change wasn't necessary today!

And Amy tweeted...

She is partly kidding. I've never known her to 'enjoy' wearing a bra. I for one will miss getting to wrap up her CVC covered boob with press-n-seal nightly before her shower. As she said on the way back from MDA this morning...I don't think that my left boob has been washed since April.

That's a good way to close.