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It's been awhile. Almost 2 years exactly, since Amy and I lined up at the same race. Or lined up for any race, besides life, for that matter. Calgary 70.3 2014 was the last time we raced the same race. I would finish 3rd with a kind of wonky calf that would feel like it was going to take me out...


70.3 Texas is this weekend. New Orelans 70.3 the next. And many local races to follow. Ironman Texas is in a bit over a month.

Here are a couple of general documents that might help you on race day. They aren't specific to any one race nor are they all encompassing, but you might find some...


I admit it. I am a troll. I troll, sometimes comment, on a couple of triathlon forums. Next to what tires should I get to race on, and what is the best multisport car, swimming is a favorite topic of discussion. It's seldom that I get drawn into the discussions. If I have something that I think...


Are you tired of the generic red, white, black, or blue kit? For 2016, we have re-designed our Team Marsh kits. You'll see our coached athletes racing in them.

These kits are designed and made by Zoca Gear out of California. They are made in the USA. A size chart is...


We will be hosting our first ever camp for age group athletes in The Woodlands March 17 - March 19. Please see the flyer below for more details.

The cost is $300. Included in the cost:

- 3 meals

- 2 coached swim sessions in an indoor pool

- Group run session

- Group...


Last week we headed back to Houston. It was a 2-fer. 1-fer was for another MD Anderson appointment. The 2-fer was that I met with one of my athletes down there. We wanted to look at the fit on her bike. More precisely, she had 2 bikes, one that she could ride all day and her 'race' bike which...


Amy and I headed down to New Braunfels a few weeks ago for a Saturday and Sunday set of swim clinics. It was a little bit of a new offering for us in that we were out of the 1-1 or 'team' setting that we are typically used to when it came to on deck coaching. We had a group of 8 on Saturday and...


We are not succeeding in posting "more" frequently. This will be a not quite year end update.

'Team-Marsh' had 2 athletes at Ironman Florida last weekend. Both had very good races given their respective seasons and lead ins. It was a very process vs. outcome type of day. Each of them had a...


We are certainly overdue for an update to the Triathlon Page!! If you have been following the front page, you know what has transpired.

What might not surprise you is that our small group athletes continue to plug along. We wanted to...


Another Thursday blog brought to you by our 2014 title Sponsor...Ashworth Awards.

Day 1– Don’t try in a race what you haven’t tried in training. Race as you avoid a negative statement.

Day 2 – Meet a new person at...


This will wrap up our keep it simple series of posts, another one of our Ashworth Awards Thursday blogs. We'll switch to another topic in a couple of weeks...suggestions are welcome!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

We coach...


With Thanksgiving just around the corner we thought our next post about nutrition would be appropriate. Again, brought to you by Ashworth Awards.


Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Primal, Low-Fat but High-Carb, Grapefruit, Vegan, Raw Foods, Mediterranean, Zone, Macrobiotic,...


Note the author. He's a mustached, deep voiced, actor who lately does the Dodge Ram commercials.

Anyway, it's the month that Amy loves to hate. It's November, also known as Movember for more than a few men who grow a mustache in an effort to promote men's health issues. Breast Cancer has...


It’s been another year already, and we find ourselves trying to figure out the best way to close out the season for you. Since it’s the giving season, and people are putting together gift lists, we thought that we'd write indirectly about ‘stuff.’ Triathletes love ‘stuff.’

We're going to...


I'm putting a bow on the 2014 season. A bow in that it is wrapped up. This might end up being a 2 part blog lest this one becomes even more TLDR. Seemingly there is a lot to cover here. It wasn't actually a...


It's been awhile since I've blogged. To be honest, It's been a tough year both mentally and physically. I had a couple of good results with a win at Raleigh 70.3 and a 5th at Frankfurt European Championships. I would say the rest of my season was less than stellar with a calf injury at the...


Honestly I didn't "watch" any of Kona. I saw some of the pre-race interviews and such, but on race day I was out of town. Neck deep in an IM build, and I had a knee niggle that turned into something really grumpy. I was tired and overly frustrated. So, I headed out of town to get away from it...


The picture was posted to twitter by Declan Doyle. Kind of funny. Kind of true. Kona is where even the pros feel out of shape.



It was not in my plans for the year. I am neck deep in my last IM build of the season. Ironman Arizona. I...


Absent a cool video or trying to be someone I'm not, race reports can be seemingly mundane. This one will be no different. It's taken longer than normal to post. Not for any reason other than procrastination. In fact, procrastination might as well be the theme of my race to a degree. It wasn't...


If you are not prone to reading a long post, you can mouse to your next open tab. But read this first for a small sample of opinions. Bear in mind, this is one...