Honestly I didn't "watch" any of Kona. I saw some of the pre-race interviews and such, but on race day I was out of town. Neck deep in an IM build, and I had a knee niggle that turned into something really grumpy. I was tired and overly frustrated. So, I headed out of town to get away from it all for a bit. That it was Kona weekend made it 'easier'.

The title...see the picture!? That is Amy at the start of the 2013 Ironman World Championships. She would have a less than ideal day and finish 17th. Me, 22nd in the pro field. Neither of us was on the Island this year. See the blog from last week for the explanation. Almost famous? That was the header picture on the live coverage for the 2014 Ironman World Championships all day!!

But Kona is won and done. Congrats to Sebastian for a great race. Big congrats to Ben Hoffman for bringing home 2nd. Jan Frodeno rounded out the podium. A shout out to Andy Potts as well for his 4th place finish. We got to hang out with Andy in Calgary, and he's a great guy as well. For the women as we all know it was Rinny with another spectacular come from behind run. Rachel Joyce, a fellow Cervelo athlete, and Daniela Ryf rounded out the women's podium.

As always it was the hottest and windiest day ever from the reports. The men's field was shattered and the top-10 was one no one would have called. The women had some usual dynamics.

That's a wrap on the Tuesday blog.