Continuing to Keep it Simple - Food

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we thought our next post about nutrition would be appropriate. Again, brought to you by Ashworth Awards.


Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Primal, Low-Fat but High-Carb, Grapefruit, Vegan, Raw Foods, Mediterranean, Zone, Macrobiotic, Weight Watchers. Sound familiar? We're not going to dispense with concrete nutritional advice here.

Do you want to lose a few or at least start to get down to your race weight? A ‘diet’ like those above is just a band aid or a patch. They are relatively quick fixes to get you headed in the right direction weight-wise, but they aren’t long term solutions if you can’t maintain them. New go-fast equipment doesn't do you any good if you don't train. A 'diet' does you no good if you can't maintain it or have it be sustainable.

Want to lose a few pounds? Eat a little bit less or at least change some of the foods that you eat. When it comes to being an athlete and worrying about nutrition, we try to remember that our pre- and post-workout nutrition helps us to recover from and prepare for our workouts. A food log might seem over the top, but after keeping one just out of curiosity for a week or so, it has been pretty eye opening as to what you might think you are eating vs. what you are really eating.

Nutritionally, that means to eat real foods, especially outside of workouts. If it comes in a package and has more than about 5 ingredients, chances are it isn’t a real food. Try to limit added sugars, fake fats, and additives in your day to day nutrition. Keep the fats natural like those in nuts, avocados, and olive oil. Proteins? We try to eat lean cuts of beef, lots of chicken, some pork loin, and venison.

Energy bars, gels, and sports/recovery drinks definitely aren’t real food. BUT, they do serve a purpose before, during, or after workouts. In day to day nutrition, focus on eating real food. The more color the better. Mom always said, eat your fruits and vegetables. So, eat your fruits and vegetables. A new energy bar, gel, or shake is not going to be your majic bullet. Don’t miss the forest for the trees and overanalyze what you eat and just put real food in your mouth.

Keep it simple. Just because the holidays are coming up doesn't mean you can't indulge a bit. Just about every 'diet' or 'nutrition' book that we've read says to allow yourself a day a week to splurge. Or remember there are 21 meals during the week, allow yourself a couple of break from your norm.