Groundhog Day

It's nice when you get a note or two or comment or two wondering "What are you up to?" It also seems to be a reminder that there hasn't been an update for quite a while. My goal was 1-2 a month, and I've let that slip. The last one was 2 or more months ago. In that time I've been to a "real job" or "grown up job" daily, Amy has coached daily and had several meets, and it's a bit like Groundhog Day.

By the way, the real job or grown up job comments are annoying. Stop saying that.

It's been a weird couple of months. I wrote that our October sucked. And then there was November, and that was weird. 1/2 of the country who have said it's been the worst 8 years ever were happy. The other 1/2 are already saying that the next will be the worst ever. Either way I'll put my pants on one leg at a time and go to the job that I enjoy daily. Amy will put her shoes on one at time and coach. We'll keep exercising and hopefully get the home remodeled like we've planned for the last 4 or so years. We'll try to make our groundhog day continue.

The last part of 2016 taught me to care a little less. Not about everything, but about some things. In my case the some things were things that I'd spent a lot of time and emotional energy on and just can't anymore. There's only so much energy, and it needs to be metered out. I've known my whole life that in some cases, you just can't make others care, nor can you keep caring 'that much'. It's tough to say that, but I believe it, and I believe there's a lesson in that comment for everyone.

We had dinner with a couple of friends of ours a bit over a week ago. The "she" of the friends is very inquisitive, and Amy has opened up a bit more about the last 2 years. When talking about a couple of infections that have popped up the question was something like "So, you're always watching for some little something to pop up!?" In November and then again in December Amy had a skin staph infection flare up. It was back to Drs and back on more meds, and some cultures, etc. Boring was good in 2015 and boring continues to be good.

That's the update. Amy's 18-month post stem cell transplant check up was all good. She's active. I'm active. I enjoy the routine that my new job provides, and I like the job. My team-leader joking (I hope) asked on Friday of week 1 if I'd be back on Monday. I said I'd be back. I get asked every couple of weeks what I'm training for, and my response hasn't I have no desire to "toe the line" for a race other than the occasional 5k or April Castell Grind... Amy, you'll see her somewhere on a starting line in 2017 if she gets cleared to swim in open water...