NO HUGS...not even YOU!!

Once again, I find that weeks have passed without an update of any kind. Fact is, we're slowly getting back out into the world. The big crazy scary world. Yes, fear is a motivator of sorts, however real or however misguided it might be.

As we, more precisely Amy, go back out into the real world, the first inclination of many is to 'rush' up to Amy with their arms open for a big hug. I've learned that many who come from the North-East are almost scared of hugs. You would think that months and months of the year spent in the cold and snow hoping for some warmth, they would welcome a hug, but it ain't so. Further, Amy is just not a 'hugger'.

Those of us from the South may give you a big hug. Or we might naturally and gracefully go from a handshake to a hug in one motion. Graceful unless the receiver is a non-hugger. Northerners, not so much.

For the time being though, no hugs. People are dirty. Not just kids, though they are particularly nasty. And we like kids. It's cold and flu season. You might brush it off as allergies, but in 48 hours it might be a full-blown virus. In Texas it is particularly bad. While the North says they have 4 or more months of winter, in Texas we have a max of 4 months when it isn't cold, flu, or allergy season...because during those 4 months it is almost too hot for anything to survive.

So please, no hugs. Wash your hands. Don't poop and walk out of the bathroom without singing Happy Birtday 2x while using soap and water. Don't pee and walk out of the bathroom without doing the same. See the video for a tutorial. Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. Please cover your mouth. If you are sick and are able to stay at home, please watch TV. And really, if you didn't get your flu-vaccine, please stay 10 feet away...they say 6 feet, but let's be safe. Keep your hands off your face...especially if you've touched nasty public things. The list can go on and on. I get that some naturally developed resistance and immunity can be a good thing, but we aren't interested in that just yet.

It's nothing against you in particular. I promise...well for most of you!!