No News Is?

I started this one on Friday afternoon. But, Friday afternoon is the day that what might normally be 'big' news stories are published. By doing so that they are generally overlooked since the weekend is right around the corner. I think it is a thing, you could probably look it up, and if you read it on the internet then it must be true...right!? If it's not a thing then you heard it here first. Monday morning it is.

I was recently asked if "No news is good news?" and "How is Amy really doing?"

This week we head back to Houston for Amy's 9-month follow-up. More labs, a basic Dr. appointment, and another bone marrow biopsy. With that, if you recall, comes the pain of waiting for results. Not to mention the 15th hole punched in Amy's hip...or close to it.

No news is good news. Amy has been doing better than me about getting on a normal schedule. She swims 3-4 days a week, walk/jogs a few days a week, and lifts weights 2-3 days a week. She's not training per se, but is really enjoying getting back to a routine. I find myself trying to slow her down and keep her from constantly seeking to 'do more'.

No news is good news. Amy is doing well. Outside of some skin rashes that are likely related, no news is good news. Things go well.

To rehash a few past updates. 'How you doin?'

I've said before that I've been busy with 1,000 things and busy with nothing. It has been an interesting 'transition' so to speak. 18 months ago, I'd planned on retiring from triathlon and getting on with what was 'next'. Next ended up being 15 or so months of caretaking. I wrote writing was therapeutic, and I haven't been writing much either here or anywhere else.

I have been swimming and going to the gym to lift a little. It is difficult for many people to believe that I actually retired from triathlons and am not going to compete. I've been chasing around this phantom knee pain that I've had for over a year. Only now have I had a block of time that I can get some focused work on it. Seems no one knows what it might be. Ideas, sure, but nothing definitive. It's really not in my knee. But, it might be time for an MRI...might result in injury. I have signed up for a swim meet in a couple of weeks. A low key way to have a small goal. 200 IM and 200 Fly. The only goal I have is to try to out swim one of the 13 year old girls that Amy, Jimmy, and Ian the 200 fly. Butterfly. She has an advantage with age and Ian. For 2 weeks I get to try out my focus on specificity. That is what's next. That is my next event.

Next invariably leads to 'more'. I'm fighting to do 'more'. I feel like I need to do 'more' coaching. Or 'more' around the house. 'More' exercising. Lately, I've been fired up about finding a pool to do a bit 'more' on-deck coaching or individual sessions because where I am now is limited and limiting for what I want to do. But, it works and fits with what we need to be doing right now.

Each time I find myself looking for 'more' and wanting to do 'more', I'll remind myself to step back because right now adding more isn't what we need. I'll get fired up about something else, and remind myself to step back. What we need to do is to keep doing what we do.

I said it in the 'Thank You' update about finding your center. 2 full months into the new year, and I'm closer to finding center. I failed on any sort of 'resolution'. That was adding 'more' and reminded me daily at how poor of a job I was doing at it. Screw that. More is never enough.