Saturday Randoms...#1

I went all week without writing. I wanted to write earlier in the week because it gets more views. Then, I though I'd write Friday, and I didn't. Things continue to go on the upswing for Amy. We are still avoiding people and crowds. The reality is, that isn't too much different than our lives prior to all of the...avoiding crowds and people.

Amy is on day 65 today. 65 of the first 100. If you're counting, 300 more to a year post transplant. She's doing well. The team continues to cut her IV medications, which 'should' be a step towards getting her CVC out. We really don't know when that will be. She's still bald...really bald. She has a few little stragglers coming in.

Randoms this week are that I have taken a couple, maybe 3, more weeks off of running to try to see if I can get this annoying pain out of my knee. In the interim it pains me to say that I've done 2 spin classes and the stair climber. That is a workout. I also swam 3 times this week with COOG Aquatics Master's team.

Which brings me to my random. Hair caught on goggles. Only a swimmer will understand it, really. We aren't sure if/when Amy will be able to swim before she gets re-vaccinated. Water, lots of people in the water, lots of be-hinds in the water, and you can see how pools have the potential to be pretty gross. Even with chlorine.

But the random is the fact that one of the really long hairs in the pool gets caught on the nosepiece or side strap of your goggle. Then every time you put your head down after a breath or turn your head to breathe, you are reminded of it. It's almost enough to make me want to stop in the middle of the set and try to get it off of my goggles. But then, it's not going to be where you expect it to be because laminar or turbulent flow or something will have shifted its position.

A long hair in your food is bad. A long hair on your goggles is almost as bad. With that, you can see why the Dr is likely going to be leery of Amy swimming anytime soon.