The Insurance Question

This article came across my twitter feed this morning. It was a good segue.

I had a long blog drafted up about the insurance question. It's because "Do you have insurance?" was the first question most people asked us. I mean they usually asked "How is Amy doing?" first but not always. It's why we set up the youcaring fund and account. And because people want to help, and we need to let them help.

That blog is still in the queue, but I probably won't post it.

It was a #GrumpyMarsh blog. Because as a friend of mine said about my attitude towards a lot of things "It must be hard for guys like you who actually give a shit." He wasn't saying that he didn't give a shit. He is not from the US and looks at our system from a different perspective. And it was #GrumpyMarsh because another friend and I had a conversation about insurance as well and how it's more about politics than people. That's all I'm going to post about that. Hard because as one small voice, it's hard for people to accept another P.O.V, even those closest to you about polarizing subject. And for whatever reason you want to pick, insurance is one of those.

Fact is, we have insurance. Fact is we probably get insurance or bill related mail 3-4 days out of every week. I probably get an E.O.B. from Aetna every couple of days in my email. I don't open all of those, too many of them to keep track of right now. I do open all the envelopes. The other part of being a caretaker, paying bills and insurance. Amy doesn't need to be concerned about it. So, it will get sorted out.

Retail rates are astounding, literally unbelievable.

This article came across my twitter feed this morning. So, it was a good segue into the question. Take the quiz. Or, if you like to read..."America's Bitter Pill" is 400 or so pages of very eye-opening writing and information.