The Way Forward

A couple of quick items, and that will be the update for this week. This week was one that suddenly passed me by. Monday I wove my way back to Austin from my parent's place. I swung through small town Texas to pick up some deer meat and see one of my good friends. That's always good.

Here we are Thursday, and it's another week where I don't feel like much was accomplished. I have been on the phone and doing quite a few emails all week. Yesterday I was on the phone for quite some time, which brings me to my items.

This Saturday April 11 in The Woodlands Valhalla Sports is putting on the 'Fearless Fundo' ride. It's a poker ride. It will be fun. It might rain. There will be A LOT of items that are available for auction post ride. There will be BBQ. I don't know what else there will be, but it will be a good time. Seriously, a LOT of good stuff is up for grabs. I'll try to find a list if possible.

We will also have a bone marrow swab drive again from 11a-2p at the VR Cycling Studio. Be there. This is important. I'll follow-up below. As we have said before and have posted before a stem cell transplant is the way forward for many Leukemia patients. Amy had 1 sufficient match out of a database of more than 20 million people. 1. One. Solo Uno. And that person was 'unavailable'.

For Amy and other patients, adding as many people as possible to the database is their best chance. So, please spread the word. If you can't make it and are interested, you can order a kit from DeleteBloodCancer or BeTheMatch.

When an adult donor is not available, some transplant centers will look to the cord blood banks as well. Cord, as in umbilical cords. Some parents opt to store their child's cords in private banks. Others donate them to be used for any patient when needed or when a sufficient match is found. A match search (not all inclusive) can also be performed on the National Marrow Donor Program for cords as well.

In AML treatment, if a stem cell transplant is needed, the choice is usually to have it done during the first remission if possible. With Amy in remission and without a sufficient adult match, the team at MD Anderson went to their cord transplant team. Amy was put into that pipeline, and we found out yesterday that they had cords that were a good match for Amy. So, the way forward will be a pretty quick timeline.

We're scheduled to head to Houston next week for some testing, and if all goes well there, the transplant process will start. I'll try to update during that as well. As a friend of ours said not long ago..."You're in this holding pattern. All you really want to do is land the damn plane".

I guess, as long as Amy is cleared...they'll land the damn plane. And with that, we'll start the next new normal soon enough.