70.3 Texas - Brandon

The written word, how boring. First off thanks to the race organizers and local race directors for having a triathlon!! I was in grumpy-Marsh mode on Saturday because I'd heard that there was not going to be a swim on Sunday. So, instead of sitting in the pro meeting being 'ho-hum whatever' like most pros, I tried to at least ask a few questions, but not annoying ones, about whether or not we'd have a swim on Sunday. They didn't answer them. We did, and I have to say that it was a very tough swim. Kudos to all the athletes who finished on a tough day.

Summary. 2nd out of the water, 2nd off the bike, 2nd across the finish line. Groomsman not the groom...is that right? Suffice to say this has been my best 70.3 finish. To do it just 45 or so miles from where I grew up was nice. The win would have been much nicer. It was an expensive 15 seconds. It was great seeing some of the first folks that I met in this sport out at the race cheering.

I shared the podium with Richie Cunnigham (1st) and Leon Griffin (3rd), two great competitors and super guys. Richie has been 'on fire' for like 10 years at this distance. He is a seasoned racer who can never be counted out. Leon is another great guy who is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Rounding out the top-5 were Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald and new Canadian pro Cody Beals.

In short, the swim was very rough. The bike was very windy with my out and back splits about 22 minutes different. And on the run I felt like I was literally sprinting from mile 8 to the finish. Richie passed me, maybe after hanging me out there to dry, at just after mile 12.

My gear and equipment worked flawlessly. We rolled our 2013 ZocaGear Captain Freakin' America kits for this race, but should be in new kits for the next one. And, I hope that you like the scooped neck on the onesie too as I am pretty sure it was meant for Amy!! Thanks to our sponsors who stayed with us into this season. Cervelo, Roka, Cobb Cycling, and First Endurance. Suppliers Smith Optics, HED wheels, Swiftwick, Soleus, Thinksport, and Computrainer. Local companies that really keep us going Austin Tri-Cyclist, Rogue Running, Performance Wellness, and Airrosti. And thanks to the folks who have stepped up before our races for accom and travel help! Stay tuned to this space as we look to add a Title Sponsor in the next few days!

Certainly thanks to Paulo for telling me what I don't necessarily like to hear but need to hear at times. And for putting together a schedule that has clearly worked well.