Called an Audible

I, or 'we' as they said in Top Gun, called an audible. Let's tackle the 'we' first!

Anyway, I (yes Brandon) was going to do Challenge New Albany. I wanted a race this particular weekend as it sets up my IM build for Wisconsin really well. It was going to cost me (Brandon) almost $800 to get to Ohio. I wouldn't say that it was an audible in the last minute. We made the decision very shortly after Amy returned from her 5th place in Frankfurt.

Amy is, blog to follow in a week or so, very much on the KPR bubble for the first round. Why? Because the women's scores are generally inflated due to smaller fields, so they end up having to race more. And, I've changed my tune a bit on equal spots as I wrote earlier this year, which would alleviate some of the crazy racing or inflated points. Even with a non-DNF at Galveston and she would likely still be on the bubble. So, she decided to head up to Calgary for the 70.3 to see if she can gain a few more points that may or may not help secure her Kona Qualification.

So we (see above) decided that we'd both go to Calgary for the 70.3 Stampede. It's not really a stampede, but Calgary has an annual rodeo that is supposed to rival some of those in TX. I am sure, since I am comparing Canada to TX, that rodeos and cowboys are just about the only similarities in the two locations.

Stay tuned for a race update after Calgary.