Vineman 70.3 - Amy

A quick Vineman 70.3 recap. Read on...

To race or not to race. That is the decision I had to make early last week when I came down with some kind of 48 hour virus. I had a fever and no appetite for two days. And, for someone who always has an appetite this was a bit of a concern! Of course, I still wanted to race and knew I had plenty of time to get healthy for Vineman 70.3. However, Paulo and Brandon thought that I should reconsider and sign up for Racine 70.3 the following weekend instead. So, I e-mailed Heather Fuhr right away about entering Racine. Unfortunately, I was two days late on the Racine registration deadline so I couldn't enter. Vineman and Racine were the only two bigger point races left before the first KPR cut off. Since I'm on the bubble for making the first Kona cut off in July, I wanted to race one more bigger points race to maybe move me up a spot or two on the KPR. So, Vineman it was. Luckily I started to get my appetite back by Wednesday and I was constantly eating and getting fluids in until race day. By Sunday, I was good to go. Whew!

I ended up coming in 3rd in a solid field. Vineman is a 'must do' race. Dave, Amy and crew go above and beyond to make it a great race experience for everyone.

As for my race, I will keep things short and sweet. My goal was to execute a better race than at Buffalo Springs two weeks ago. Overall, I think I did just that. Some highlights included a decent swim coming out at the tail end of the lead group. I had a much better ride than at Buffalo Springs, that set me up for a strong run. Had a nice battle with Emma Kate on the run for the last podium spot. We went back and forth with each other a few times before I opened up a gap at mile 10 to finish 3rd. I'm pleased with how I stayed focused on the race after the uncertainty at the beginning of the week when I wasn't sure I was going to even compete. With this race I was able to move up one spot on the KPR list. It's not much but every little bit helps! Now it's just a waiting game to see if I have made the first cut.

Thank you to my sponsors for keeping me equipped with the best products out there! Also, thank you to Holly and her daughter, Taylor, for once again opening their home to us for the weekend.

Nutrition report here.